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FAQ: Dahachok Homestay

What is Homestay? 
A homestay is a holiday accommodation in a native family, sometimes managed privately or by group of people in a community. It is the best accommodation alternative if you want to increase your cultural experience in a family. Sharing the same roof, you will stay as a member of the family. You shall form up personal connections, despite your effort to plan ahead of your travel.

What kind of housing is available in a homestay? 
There are private and community homestays, in urban or rural areas. A private homestay offers you to stay under the care of a single family; whereas, community homestays offer you care of different members of the society. Urban homestays are dominantly private homestays. Rural homestays are mostly community homestays. You can find community homestays in hilly and Terai regions of Nepal.

Can't Speak Nepali Language well. Will that create any problem to stay at Nepali homestays? 
You do not require Nepali language to stay at a homestay in Nepal; it will only be an added advantage to enrich your experience during stay. You will have little difficulty to make yourself understood to the family/community, but not always, because there always is somebody to understand English in the community homestays. An illiterate in English won't establish a homestay privately either.

I'm not comfortable with eating few Nepali foods so will it create any problems? 
You will have lots of varieties of food in community homestays that you might be comfortable with. Otherwise, you can let the head of the family or the concerned member of the homestay know about your desire. This won't create any issue.

During my visit in Nepal, can I learn Nepali cooking class at homestay in Nepal? 
Not all homestays offer you Nepali cooking classes, especially in the private urban homestays. Only a handful of homestays offer you such private classes. Furthermore, you shall have lots of opportunities to learn Nepali cooking by watching in community homestays.

How to get to Dahachok Homestay from international airport? 
Dahachok Homestay is located at 10 KM away from Kathmandu. Let us know well ahead of time about your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, we will be at the airport to receive you. 

Is there any security problems while staying in homestay near Kathmandu? 
You will have no security problems during your stay at a homestay near Kathmandu. You will be welcomed with warmest smiles, and your stays here shall be filled with fun and beautiful memories.

How much does it cost to stay in homestays of Nepal? 
A number of factors affect the cost to stay in homestays of Nepal. Please contact us for exact cost figure.

What equipment do I need to bring for hiking and camping? 
Dahachok Homestays provides hiking and camping to Chandragiri and Dahachok. You will not have to carry any additional equipment, other than the equipment you need very personally.

Is there any problem with facilities in Dahachok Homestay? 
The facilities at Dahachok Homestay are attractive. You will have personal cooking class for Nepali dishes, have plenty of space for kids to play and parking, opportunities for hiking and trekking, cozy accommodation and organic delicious foods to eat. You will have no reason to be disappointed.